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Smeared with Her Own Poop! - Scatshop - Fetidistrojp (2021 | SD)

Smeared with Her Own Poop! - Scatshop - Fetidistrojp (2021 | SD)

Name Porn: Smeared with Her Own Poop!
PaySite: Scatshop
Genres: Desperation, Groups, Couples, Poop Videos, Smearing, Shitting, Scat, Poo

Upon arriving in the principal’s office after being summoned, this schoolgirl is greeted with the sight of the man wearing only his underwear! He is then fast to take off her panties and bend her over to begin finger fucking her asshole! Though, he doesn’t spend much time on it, instead orders her to defecate on the floor! When she could no longer release any more, the guy proceeds with the next thing he has in store for her and that is smearing all her feces all over her pair of tits, and then later on the rest of her body!

Video File Information:
Year: 2021
Duration: 00:14:42
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 201 MB


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