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ManureFetish Pookkake (2023 | HD)

ManureFetish Pookkake (2023 | HD)

Name Porn: ManureFetish Pookkake
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Betty's new extremely kinky gangbang with cow dung and more. Betty comes into the cowshed with the first of 6 men. First she pees on him, then they both switch positions. Betty lies down on the floor and waits for his sausage to come out. She smears his first load on her face. One by one the men come in and relieve themselves on Betty's face, she eats a bit of each load and smears the rest on her body. After all the men are finished and she is completely covered in their dirt, Betty starts sucking their cocks and masturbating at the same time. Betty gets fucked in various positions while masturbating and sucking their cocks. Betty climbs into the manure canal for the first time and covers herself completely in cow dung. After she climbs out, she gets fucked hard again. Now they join Betty in the manure canal, where Betty dives for the first time. She starts sucking each of the men's cocks while they sit on the edge of the manure drain. They all climb out of the manure drain together to fuck Betty again.

Video File Information:
Year: 2023
Duration: 00:56:06
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 5.75 GB

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